how to mouse proof your kitchen

How to Mouse Proof Your Kitchen

There are many people out there who have desperately tried everything to remove mice from their kitchens. Once these rodents enter the kitchen it is very difficult to get rid of them as they reproduce very fast. They occupy every crack in the room; this makes it an uphill task to remove them. People try…

bed bug eggs

Signs of a Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs are commonly found within our beds, to make it possible and easier to feed on the suspecting hosts while asleep. Properly identifying bed bugs is very crucial as it is normally the first step that needs to be taken in controlling the infestation. If you think your house is infested with bed bugs,…

why get a professional exterminator

Why Get a Professional Exterminator

Extermination services have always been important for any home owner and in their delicacy there is need to have them done by a professional. Over the years this service has been seemingly replaced by DIY. In as much as DIY is growing popular, it is not always as effective when it comes to extermination. It…

physical characteristics of bed bug

Physical Characteristics of the Bed Bug

The common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, is a parasitical insect that sucks on human blood. While this household pest was largely eliminated from the developed world during the mid 20th century, the bed bug population has experienced something of a resurgence from the 1990s onwards, meaning it is again important to be able to recognize…

wasp nest

How to Remove A Wasp Nest Safely

Wasps can be helpful as they kill small pests that destroy plants, vegetables, and fruits. unfortunately, wasps may build nests near homes posing danger to people and pets. There is hence the need to get rid of the nests as soon as possible. It is only people who are not allergic to wasps stings allowed…

how to find a carpenter ant nest

How to Find a Carpenter Ant Nest

Carpenter ants are considered a pest. It is hard to make them leave. Contrary to what most people think, it is easy to get rid of carpenter ants only if you can find their nest. To find food, ants have one that will scout and hunt for food. If it finds food, it will leave…

how to exterminate cockroaches

How to Exterminate Cockroaches

Cockroaches are insects that are widely recognized as pests. As such, if you discover a cockroach infestation in your home, you’ll want and need to move swiftly to exterminate them. There are a number of procedures you can follow to exterminate cockroaches yourself, although there are circumstances in which it’s better to call in a…

how to keep mouse out of your kitchen

How to Keep Mice Out of Your Kitchen

While it’s a fact that most traditional ways of managing pests like mice do work, some people have continuously debated over which methods are effective and which ones aren’t. At least I know that traps, gels, baits, and glue work, but have you ever thought about the root course of the problem? What exactly do…

dealing with mice at home

Dealing With Mice at Home

Clean homes are not mouse proof. Mice can be an issue in any home. They generally can come from your neighbor’s home, the sewers, or a farm, if your home is near one. They like to find shelter food and a water source. They are in constant search of water and food.

Can carpenter ants destroy wooden furniture

Carpenter Ants: How To Identify Them

Dealing with pest problems at home is a little frustrating on your part as a homeowner. One perfect example of this is when dealing with Carpenter Ants. These types of ants are so difficult to get rid of.  Aside from that, they are also very hard to identify compared to the other kinds of ants.…