dealing with mice at home

Dealing With Mice at Home

Clean homes are not mouse proof. Mice can be an issue in any home. They generally can come from your neighbor’s home, the sewers, or a farm, if your home is near one. They like to find shelter food and a water source. They are in constant search of water and food.

When dealing with mice at home, the first step is getting rid of the food source. Mice like food are found in cabinets, storage bins, and generally places where food is stacked. If you have food bins, there must be no food dripping, and the lids should be sealed tightly. Room temperature food must be stored in glass containers.

When mice find shelter, their volume will increase. This is why it is important to find all cracks and holes and seal them. When this is done, the next step is eliminating the mice in the home. Here are a few general methods you can use.

Snap traps are available at most stores. Locate the area where you think mice travel and put a trap there. Placement of the trap is important because you do not want to trip the trap by accident and hurt yourself. Large mice problems will require many traps. Bait for the traps can be peanut butter or a piece of bacon. Glue boards can also catch mice, but they must be used properly. Before putting down the board, wipe the surface for dust. Never put just one board down alone, because a mouse could jump off and run away.

Put two boards down close to each other. This will prevent escaping. Poison is effective, but risky if you have kids around. This option should only be used if the traps are not working and the mice problem is getting worst. When handling poison, you must handle it with care. There is a huge risk if someone swallows the poison by accident. The poison also cannot touch someone’s skin.

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