how to keep mouse out of your kitchen

How to Keep Mice Out of Your Kitchen

While it’s a fact that most traditional ways of managing pests like mice do work, some people have
continuously debated over which methods are effective and which ones aren’t. At least I know that traps, gels, baits, and glue work, but have you ever thought about the root course of the problem? What exactly do they love your kitchen for? Getting rid of mice is not hard, making sure they stay out of your kitchen is a different story.

The secret is this: most of the time, mice keep getting into your house and stay (especially in the kitchen area) because there’s plenty of food left-over for them to feed on. But your kitchen also provides conducive shelter to encourage them to pitch their tents. Should you take away one or more of these favorable conditions, then you’ll be surprised at what happens—they will disappear and never come back again. Anyway, why would you stay where there’s no food?

You can keep food away from them by finding containers with tight seals. Once you put your food inside, they can’t access it. Keep your kitchen cabinets clean and free from food particles. No food should be found there at night because this is an opportunity for them. If you have a pet, don’t leave their food uncovered because mice tend to snack on this food at night.

Don’t use plastic bags to seal food because rodents chew, so they’ll still be able to reach the food. Other than using containers, keep perishable foods in the fridge or freezer at night. Left-over trash cans should not be left in the kitchen area at night. If you don’t want to take the trash can out, just seal it tightly so that the rodents don’t find an opportunity to gain access. So you can keep your kitchen “rodent-proof” by following this “how to keep mice out of your kitchen” guide.