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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return them at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers pest free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure pests are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators Inc. for pest control services in Hamilton.

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Professional, affordable and reliable pest control solutions by licensed and insured exterminators.

The Exterminators Inc. Pest Control Hamilton. Our exterminators will deal with every pest situation. We guarantee our services, we have affordable prices and experienced technician professionals. We provide solutions for pests such as bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, wasps, moths and more. Call: 647-560-0354

Cockroaches, mice, ants, bed bugs, wasps and moths are not only a nuisance to have in or around your residence or commercial establishment but also carry serious diseases and conditions. Not only do pests spread diseases, they are also psychologically very intimidating. We offer comprehensive pest control Hamilton services with 6-month warranty. 

Whether it is your workplace or your home, let us get rid of the pests. Don’t let pests destroy the reputation of your business, the tranquillity of your home or even your health. The longer you postpone dealing with the issue, the more time the pests will have to breed, and increase their numbers. Pests breed very fast and before you know it you will have a full-fledged infestation.

It extremely essential to get rid of pests as soon as you spot any sign of their presence. Not doing so will expose you and your loved ones to potential diseases. Your home or business should be safe and hygienic. Don’t put your family at risk or your business’s reputation on the line. If you want peace of mind call the Exterminators Hamilton.

We are equipped with all the necessary resources to tackle your pest problem, no matter how big or small the infestation may be.

Call us today and our licensed and trained professionals will soon be at your doorstep with a guaranteed solution.


Bed bugs

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We provide effective bed bug extermination in Hamilton  Bed bugs are increasingly becoming an issue in Hamilton. Bed bugs can travel easily and thrive even in the cleanest environments. If you are experiencing a bed bug infestation give us a call. We can help deal with your issue once and for all. Bed bugs feed on human blood, and this is reason enough to keep these parasites away from our homes, workplaces and public places. They are extremely good at hiding and are equally hardy survivors of starvation and extreme conditions, Bed bugs are also voracious breeders.

If left to reproduce, receiving their nutrients from human blood, bed bugs can reproduce very quickly. Sometimes, people do not at first realize the presence of these bugs and in only a few weeks, they already have a serious infestation on their hands. Sleepless nights, potential skin rashes and other allergic symptoms, as well as adverse psychological effects are all evils brought upon by the presence of bed bugs.

A bed bug infestation also tarnishes your reputation, giving your home or business a general sense of lack of hygiene. Therefore, the elimination of these bloodsucking parasites is crucial.


Can carpenter ants destroy drywall

Ant extermination services in Hamilton. Pavement, Pharaoh, and Carpenter ants are some of the ants our customers have problems with, in Hamilton. We have pest control solutions for all types of ants. Ants may seem like tiny insects that dedicatedly go about their own duties without disturbing us, but what they lack in size, they certainly make up for in numbers. We usually notice foragers and other worker ants, but the real numbers are hidden in their well-planned colonies. The hidden ones, the ones we don’t see, are the ones causing the damage.

The risk of bites as well as the general nuisance these insects cause makes it necessary to get rid of them. In the case of some species of ants, like the Carpenter Ant, extermination may also be necessary to protect your property from extensive damage.

Call us and our technicians will inspect, identify and exterminate the ants for you. We offer effective solutions at affordable prices.



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Cockroach Extermination Services in Hamilton. Roaches are rather big insects and have a broad, flattened body and a relatively small head but deviate from kind to kind. They are exceptionally adaptable, and in several situations difficult to treat.  

When we think of cockroaches, we immediately associate them with an environment that is unhygienic. Sewers, garbage dumps, drains, dirty restaurant kitchens are usually pictured with cockroaches scurrying about. However, even if you are not aware of this, cockroaches also make themselves at home in cleaner locations like your home or office.

They usually come out at night to scavenge for food and stay hidden during the day and therefore often go unnoticed until the problem becomes an infestation. Cockroaches come in contact with your food and are capable of passing on serious diseases like Salmonella.  Their saliva, droppings and shed skin particles can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Asthmatic patients are more prone to attacks in the presence of cockroaches.

Our professional pest control Hamilton exterminators are guaranteed to take care any roach infestation. We offer effective treatments that are safe and reliable.


Mice extermination services in Hamilton. Mice enter homes and businesses in search of water and food. Mice are able to fit through very small holes. If they find what they are looking for they will keep coming back and potentially build a nest. They rely on their keen sense of smell to follow trails made by other mice. They also reproduce quickly, are highly intelligent and good at hiding. Sometimes, they even find ways to escape from traps.

Don’t let their cuteness fool you. Highly invasive as well as curious, mice chew on just about anything they find, causing damage to utility lines, computer cords, important papers and even hard currency.  The damage they cause, when given the chance, can be very costly.  Mice are also a health hazard. Some of the serious diseases that mice transmit include Bubonic Plague, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), Lyme disease, Salmonella, Rat Bite Fever, and Typhus.

We provide extermination and proofing solutions to both residential and commercial clients that are guaranteed to keep mice out. Exterminator Hamilton offers pest control solutions in Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Beamsville, Ancaster, Brantford.


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Rats extermination services in Hamilton. Exterminator Hamilton provides efficient and quick solutions for your rat infestation. Our team consists of fully-licensed professionals who have been dealing with a wide variety of infestations over the years that we have been active in Hamilton. Only specialized knowledge and expertise the rat can bring the ordeal to an end. It is therefore advised that you call an exterminator as soon as possible

Rats can pose a threat to your health and the health of the ones around you. Rats are known as a vector species of disease that can easily transmit viruses and diseases by just mere exposure to the rodent. Rats are incredibly unsanitary rodents as they spend most of their time outdoors in bacteria-rich environments such as sewers, garbage dumps, and anywhere food is readily accessible. They make no distinction in their diet as they are known as opportunistic animals and will feed themselves with anything that can be found. 

Rats compared to mice are exceedingly more destructive and aggressive. Rats can attack and bite when they feel threatened. They can cause an unbelievable amount of damage in a very short period. They can chew, gnaw, and bite through wiring, cabling, and other surfaces that can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repair and restoration. 

Seeing feces and urine around the property can be a strong indicator that you are dealing with an infestation. The feces and urine can transmit disease and viruses through inhalation or exposure. They can contaminate surfaces they walk on and rend food inedible because of that.

Once entry-points are determined and located, the technician will then proceed to strategically place the bait stations. The rats will eat from the bait and exit the premise where they then will perish. This will continue to happen until rats are completely eradicated from the property. The technician then will seal-up the entry points based on his finding to prevent a future infestation. 

Exterminator Hamilton offers different sets of solutions based on the situation and the gravity thereof. Our licensed technicians have successfully resolved countless cases throughout Hamilton and continue to do so to this day. For more information on our process feel free to call Exterminator Hamilton and we will put your mind at ease.


wasp control hamilton

Wasp removal services in Hamilton by Exterminator Hamilton provides professional and effective wasp removal services. We offer wasp and hornet nest removal services. Contact us immediately when you suspect a wasp or hornet presence around your property. To prevent the nest from expanding rapidly, it is best that you contact our service as soon as possible.

Wasps are active during the fall and summer and build nests once they invade an area around the warmer months. They can prey on smaller insects and can pose an additional danger to you, the ones around you, and your pets.

Nests are often constructed by wasps and hornets closest to a food source. They usually house one queen and thousands of workers. The nests are often located under roofs in shaded areas that can provide them a safe and secure location to come and go from the site. Nests provide several structural problems to your house, especially when they are constructed in walls or under soffits. The wasp mainly relies on fruits, vegetables, and larvae as a food source in order to excrete a paper-like material that hardens to build the nest with. 

It is advisable not to approach and attempt the nest yourself as a sting or multiple stings as wasps and hornets are known for can cause a painful sensation or even an allergic reaction to the skin that can aggravate the situation. If you have been stung and experience the following symptoms, see a doctor immediately. These can include dizziness, nausea, swelling, and a constant itch. It is therefore highly advisable to contact a professional wasp nest removal service to deal with the situation in a safe and quick manner. 

Exterminator Hamilton is able to provide our customers with multiple solutions depending on the case and the gravity of the overall situation. The Exterminators Inc. has consistently been successful in the removal of numerous nests in the years that we have been active across Hamilton. Our team consists of fully-licensed professionals that put the safety of the customers first. We employ safe and humane removal methods to ensure an effective resolution of the issue. To find out more about our removal procedure, contact us for more information.


Pest Control Hamilton

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At Exterminator Hamilton, we are well-equipped with all the necessary resources to handle pest infestations from cockroaches and mice to wasps, bed bugs, ants, moths and more. Our technicians are experts in the extermination pests, with years of experience behind this expertise.

Our affordable services come with a guarantee and our unmarked vehicles and discreet procedures ensure that the entire process stays as private as possible. Our insured, licensed services are available to both residential as well as commercial clients.

At Exterminator Hamilton, we believe in services that not only eradicate your current pest infestation from your premises, but also services in proofing your home from further infestations.

Call us on 647-560-0354 today for services that are affordable, comprehensive and completely discreet.