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Mouse control Hamilton. We offer effective mouse control solutions from licensed and insured exterminators based in Hamilton. We will eliminate any mouse or rat population effectively and safely. We provide environmentally friendly and humane mouse control solutions. Call our professional mouse control Hamilton services: 647-560-0354

Mouse problems are more common than may you think. Mice find their way into homes during all seasons. If the conditions exist, mice will take advantage of the situation. All they need is water, food and access through a very small entry point. If you can fit a pen through a hole, chances are mice can fit in as well. Mouse problems are more common in an older area of Hamilton where mice could have entered in the past and not been detected or dealt with. Mice have a keen sense of smell and follow old or new urine in the dark. They are one of the worst household pests because they can gnaw through wood, cables and other surfaces. They can spoil food and be the source of various contamination problems.



Apart from rodenticide, snap traps too can come in handy when intending to remove mice around your house. Snap traps are generally created to snap easily when activated in various ways, just like the title implies. It’s important to constantly set it in the necessary mode, to efficiently make use of a trap. But, it’s wise to always be careful when setting the trap because it can easily snap closed and in the process cause injury to your fingers.

The most effective method of getting rid of mice is to call a licensed mice exterminator. Exterminators have the know-how and expertise to provide effective solutions that are not dangerous to humans or pets and can provide advice and services on preventing mouse problems from occurring again.

Our exterminators use a variety of methods to deal with a mouse problem, depending on the situation, and the level of infestation. We provide reliable, professional and guaranteed mice extermination solutions in the Hamilton area. Call for a consultation, pricing and to set up an appointment: 647-560-0354






Mice are one of the most intelligent pests you can have on your property and for this reason, dealing with them requires a considerable amount of expertise. There are usually more of them on your property than you think and even when every, last one of them is trapped, there is always the chance of the entry and exit points being left open, which could result in future invasions.

While getting rid of mice may prove to be difficult through DIY techniques, you can always rely on professional mice control companies for comprehensive extermination as well as proofing solutions.

Our licensed technicians are well acquainted with the habits of this tiny rodent. Our mice extermination services include extermination as well as proofing solutions. Thanks to our comprehensive mouse control package, you can be sure that your current as well as future potential mice problems have both been tackled effectively.

Call us today and our licensed and trained professionals will soon be at your doorstep with a guaranteed solution.


Mice Facts

The House Mouse, the Field Mouse, the American White-footed Mouse and the Deer Mouse are some of the most common among the 30 known mouse species around the world. These species are considered pests in and around human habitat.
Mice are usually nocturnal and although they have poor eyesight, their senses of hearing and smell are quite strong.

Although mice are also raised at pets, the wild ones can pose some serious problems as vermin. From causing damage to the structure of your home, chewing on just about everything they come across, and even spreading serious diseases, mice have proven to be quite the troublesome pests.


Outdoors, there are several predators that mice can fall prey to, and these tiny members of the rodent family are therefore safer in an urban environment than out in the wild. Cats, snakes, birds of prey, some types of dogs, foxes and even certain species of arthropods are all mouse hunters.

However, in spite of having such a long list of predators, the intelligence that mice display as well as their ability to adapt to a wide range of environments make them some of the most successful mammals living on the planet today.

On the home and business front however, the resilient and evasive nature of these creatures surely proves to be a huge problem. Call us today for expert mouse control Hamilton services for quick and reliable solutions.

Damage to Property


Mice are highly invasive creatures and their curiosity isn’t only limited to the food they eat but goes beyond that. Therefore, while most other pests are a problem to humans due to their eating and nesting habits, mice are among those that cause problems on several fronts.

Firstly, the eating habits of a mouse involve more than just eating. These creatures lay waste to more food than they can ever eat, and often, go through several bags or cartons of food items before eating out of one. Would you serve your family cereal that came from a box that had been nibbled on?  Where there are mice, there is a lot of spoilage and wastage.

Secondly, their curiosity leads mice to nibble on everything they come across, whether the material is edible or not. Wires, clothes, old books, carpets and upholstery, furniture as well as other household and office items are just some things that mice are known to nibble through. Homeowners and business owners often end up sustaining severe financial losses. In some cases, mice have even chewed through important documents and cash! Avoid this damage by calling our professional mouse control Hamilton services today. 


Health Hazards

Mice pose a very serious hazard. Mice are known carriers of bacteria and viruses that have the potential to cause some of the most dangerous diseases known to men. Lyme Disease, Rat Bite Fever, Bubonic Plague, Salmonella, Typhus, Rickettsial Infections and Hantavirus are all diseases and conditions that mice could transmit to human beings as well as to other animals. Don’t put your family and pets at risk!

Hire the services of Exterminator Hamilton – Mice Control to promptly tackle the mice infestation.

Why Hire a Professional Mice Control Company?

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Mice are highly intelligent and evasive creatures. The hide so well that sometimes, property owners don’t even realize they have a mouse problem until they have a sizeable infestation on their hands.

Tracking down mice, identifying their possible entry and exit points, and zeroing in on their nests are all important parts of the process of mice extermination. Often, mice move from one home to another and if they are scared away during one of your hunts, they will simply stay away for a while, only to return later through one of the holes in your structure that you don’t even know exists. Therefore, when it comes to mice, a comprehensive extermination and proofing solution is the only permanent way to deal with the problem.

DIY techniques can go terribly wrong at times. Firstly, deciding on the precise location of the trap is very crucial and this can be gauged only by knowing how mice move and their possible entry and exit points.

Then, the actual setting of snap traps is no easy task either. Even if these traps work well, there is always the important detail of getting rid of the mouse, dead or alive. This can be a harrowing experience, and without the proper protection, there is always a chance of being bitten by the scared creature or the mouse even escaping. Therefore, when dealing with these rodents, hiring the services of a professional pest control Hamilton company is always a safer bet.

Rodent Control Solutions

At Exterminator Hamilton – Mice Control, we have all the necessary expertise and equipment to deal with a mice infestation. We work discreetly, and our services are licensed as well as insured.

Our technicians first do a thorough inspection on your property, identifying the entry and exit points as well as the hiding places of these tiny rodents. Then a we devise a customized plan to deal with your property’s problem. An inspection is an important part of the extermination process, because when it comes to mice, the numbers are usually higher than initial predictions.

We serve both residential and commercial properties, and our mice control plans also include the proofing of your property, a step that will help in protecting it from further mice invasions.

So, if you’re up against a mouse problem, call us at 647-560-0354 today for a prompt inspection appointment. We assure you that you will receive one of the most affordable and effective mice control solutions in the Hamilton area.