Can carpenter ants destroy wooden furniture

Carpenter Ants: How To Identify Them

Dealing with pest problems at home is a little frustrating on your part as a homeowner. One perfect example of this is when dealing with Carpenter Ants. These types of ants are so difficult to get rid of.  Aside from that, they are also very hard to identify compared to the other kinds of ants. Thus, you can’t get the right treatment. Therefore, for you to successfully banish them here are the two effective ways on how to identify them.

Familiarize their physical features.

Carpenter ants have different sizes from 1/4″ to 1″ depending upon their age, type, gender, and role in their caste system. This caste system is present in every colony of these carpenter ants. So, there is a queen and a set of workers divided into two- major and minor workers. And in terms of their colors, there are black, red, brown, dark brown, light brown, and yellow. Their bodies are having these three distinct segments: head, an evenly rounded thorax, and an abdomen with a very thin waist.

Take a glass or a plastic cup to inspect them.

Identifying those physical descriptions may be hard for you if you will not use a glass or a plastic cup. Trapping or putting the carpenter ants in glass can give you a closer look for you to determine those physical features. Using a magnifying glass when inspecting them in a plastic cup will help you better than merely using your eyes.

All these two ways in identifying carpenter ants can really help you when deciding on the right treatment. After all, there are many ways that you can apply just like spraying a nontoxic chemical for these insects. But if the problem gets worse, you can ask for the assistance of a professional and for sure your problem will be solved.

If you have tried various methods and have not been successful, call us, call the exterminator in Hamilton for professional assistance.