bed bug eggs

Signs of a Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs are commonly found within our beds, to make it possible and easier to feed on the suspecting hosts while asleep. Properly identifying bed bugs is very crucial as it is normally the first step that needs to be taken in controlling the infestation. If you think your house is infested with bed bugs, take note of the following characteristic signs of bed bug activity.

Red, Bumpy and Itchy Skin

Red, bumpy and itchy skin is the initial symptom of bed bug infestation. Bed bug bites are usually red, with a dark red colour at the center, and often clustered in what is known as breakfast, lunch and dinner patterns. The bites are often on the waistline, face, hands, arms, back and neck. Unfortunately, the bites look very similar to other insect bites, so it’s hard for you to tell whether the homestead is infested without taking notice of a couple of other symptoms.

Brown Spots

Small browny spots present on your bed linens are usually a sign of bed bugs infestation; their fecal matter is normally in the seams of the sheets, on the mattresses as well as the walls near the infested bed. The browny spots are hard and look bumpy and usually take the appearance of stains from a dark-coloured marker pen.

Empty Exoskeletons

Bed bugs usually moult five times prior to becoming fully grown adults, leaving empty, transparent, light brown exoskeletons that generally look like empty bugs. The exoskeleton progressively becomes bigger as the bug ages; an adult bed bug is about % inch or the size of an apple seed.

Bloody Spots

Small blood smears on your sheets are a profound telltale sign of a bed bug problem. These smears usually occur when you crush an engorged bed bug accidentally while asleep.

Foul Odors

While foul odours aren’t always present when the bugs embed themselves into your house, a musty, sweet, grease or “buggy” smell often accompany a severe infestation. The odours are secretions created by bed bugs glands.