how to mouse proof your kitchen

How to Mouse Proof Your Kitchen

There are many people out there who have desperately tried everything to remove mice from their kitchens. Once these rodents enter the kitchen it is very difficult to get rid of them as they reproduce very fast. They occupy every crack in the room; this makes it an uphill task to remove them. People try to remove them because they pose a dangerous health hazard; they spread plague, typhus and food poisoning. Mice also carry other parasites like roundworms that are found in their droppings. They also contaminate the food and damage electrical wiring.

How to mouse-proof your kitchen. The first step to control mice is to close all entry points. Once you have identified all the holes and crevices in the house, you should close them. Placing cat hair on the entry points or peppermint oil deters the mice. Then place a mousetrap on places with their droppings, gnaw marks on woodwork or rustling sound behind walls.

Sanitization of the house. Mice infestation is high at the end of the fall season as they enter the kitchen to look for food and warmth. As a result, you should close all the cracks and sanitize the house during this period.

The entry points can be sealed using wire mesh. Also, get rid of their nesting sites like shelves and drawers or place glue traps in them. All the places where the food is stored should be kept mouse-proof. The food should always stay in food containers to prevent mice from eating it. Mice always search food once it is hidden away, use a diluted breach solution to clear the scent trails. Moreover, to prevent mice from coming to your kitchen is maintain cleanliness. All the food crumbs and spills should be cleaned and food remains disposed of so as to starve the mice.

When the mice problem persists you can get the advice of a professional exterminator in Hamilton. They are more effective in dealing with the mice menace and keeping your family at peace.