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How to Keep Mice Out of Your Kitchen


While it’s a fact that most traditional ways of managing pest like mice do work, some people have
continuously debated over which methods are effective and which ones aren’t. At least i know that traps, gels, baits and glue work, but have you ever thought about the root-course of the problem? What exactly do they love your kitchen for? Getting rid of mice is not hard, making sure they stay out of your kitchen is a different story. (more…)

Dealing With Mice at Home


Clean homes are not mouse proof. Mice can be an issue in any home. They generally can come from your neighbor’s home, the sewers, or a farm, if your home is near one. They like to find shelter food and a water source. They are in constant search of water and food. (more…)

Carpenter Ants: How To Identify Them


Dealing with pest problem at home is a little frustrating on your part as a homeowner. One perfect example of this is when dealing with Carpenter Ants. These type of ants are so difficult to get rid of.  Aside from that, they are also very hard to identify compare to the other kinds of ants. Thus, you  can’t get the right treatment. Therefore, for you to successfully banish them here are the two  effective ways on how to identify them. (more…)

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