Can Bed Bugs Bite Through Clothes

Can Bed Bugs Bite Through Clothes

No, bed bugs cannot bite through clothes even though they seem to be very powerful to do so. Bed bugs simply do not have the strength to cut through fibres of clothing but do have the strength to puncture the epidermis, better known as the skin. Bed bugs are very tiny creatures that are very hard to spot. They usually hang around places people lie to sleep, relax, or rest.

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They crawl to the next place if needed via the wall, or what they often do is that they hitchhike from one place to the other by simply latching on to the luggage, article of clothing, or anything else that travels. This is why bed bugs are so extremely difficult to get rid of because of the way they take advantage of their surroundings. Bed bugs as mentioned before can also infest clothes and it can get so bad that people with infested clothes can infest other places as well.

Bed bugs have a preference for secluded and dark areas and therefore they are often found tucked away in between the seas of the mattress, the bed frame, sheets, carpets, couches, and other spots that are hard to spot bed bugs. Bed bugs make their rounds every 5 to 10 days. When the host is fast asleep, the bed bug comes out of its hiding and goes to the house for its blood meal. The bed bug is dependant on blood to survive and therefore makes the trek to one of the uncovered parts of the body.

To get to the blood meal, the bed bug uses two-needle like beaks that puncture the skin. One beak numbs the skin while the other one enters the bloodstream and sucks the blood out of the host. Once completed, the bed bug gets away by an escape route. The next the a person may feel an itch on the body part from where the blood was taken from. It may also look like a mosquito bite which is almost indistinguishable from a bed bug bite. To get rid of bed bugs, professional intervention is needed.

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