How does a bumble bee and a yellow jacket differ

How does a bumble bee and a yellow jacket differ

Wasps and bees are very similar but also very different. A key difference is how bees and wasps like to live. Bees are very social insects and build colonies of tens of thousands all to support one single queen. There are as many types of bee nests as there are kinds of bees. Most bees build a nest out of wax constructed of an incredibly complicated mathematical structure of hexagons that hold the honey in place while it cures. The structure is shocking and proves bees are incredibly intelligent or at least advanced evolutionarily. The bees also use the hexagons to store larva and eggs, very effective architecture. They fly about finding nectar and bring it back and vomit it into a hexagon, after some time that saliva-coated nectar becomes delicious honey. Wasps do not produce honey, they do sometimes produce something that can be confused with honey but do not eat it.

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differences between bumble bee and yellow jacket

Bees are also beneficial to the environment, being the most effective pollinators in the world, they actually give back much more than they take (don’t say that to someone who is allergic to bee stings). Wasps however are not as beneficial. Don’t get me wrong, they are good, they are effective killers of other insects and can keep your garden clear of anything. And they won’t eat the vegetation like other insects will, just other insects. That’s their diet plan. Other insects. So if you have them and they don’t bother you then ignore them, they are helping your garden. However, if you have a nest of them in your garden that chases your ten-year-old all the way to school every morning you may want to think about getting rid of them. 

You can try pouring insecticide dust on the ground where they have been laying their eggs or spraying insecticide. If that doesn’t work you can try using some gravel ground cover or even burlap to stop them from laying eggs in the soil. 

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