How to differentiate bee and wasp nest

How to differentiate bee and wasp nest

Bees are something everyone knows and are accustomed to. Bees are a helpful part of our ecosystem and spread life around the world. Without them, our ecosystem would collapse and millions of species of plants and animals, and insects would die from the ecological loss. Bees are not wasps. Wasps are helpful They kill other insects and eat them. But wasps are also a threat and a pest. Bees are often not treated as a pest even when they are on someone s property, if you have bees you can call your local beekeeper and he will come and remove them and keep them in his already growing hives. Wasps do not offer us honey or anything other than a painful sting which they can do as many times as they want, for while bees will only sting in dire circumstances because when they do sting they lose their stinger and die. But wasps do not lose their stinger, they can sting you repeatedly if they feel you have wronged them and they actually have an active memory that allows them to identify human faces and remember them for later, so if you pissed off a hive of wasps there is a good chance they are now actually out to get you, specifically you. 

If you suspect wasp presence anywhere near or on your property, contact wasp removal  Hamilton for quick and safe removal.

differentiate bee nest and wasp nest

Scared yet?

So what is a wasp nest-like, we know what bee nests are like, they look like pine cones and they hang from trees like Christmas ornaments? Wasp nests come in two different kinds. The ground wasps like the mud wasp and the yellow jacket will dig holes and mold mud to make their nest, the yellow jacket likes to make their nest in abandoned rodent holes. These wasps will make spherical paper nests in the holes where they will store food and often lay eggs. They are attracted to people’s property because they are attracted to sweet things like honey and ice cream so if you eat outside a lot or don’t lock up your garbage you could have wasps hovering around your property and it won’t be long before they decide to make a nest. 

So what can you do to prevent wasps from coming to your property in the first place, it’s not hard, if you have fruit trees or sweet-smelling gardens then those will attract wasps. You can clear up any fallen fruit and make sure to pick ripe fruit the day it ripens. You should also make sure to clean very well after you eat outside and don’t drop food on the ground because it will attract wasps.