Do yellow jacket wasp nests die in the winter

Do yellow jacket wasp nests die in the winter

The yellow jacket is a very aggressive and destructive insect that will sting in swarms if even slightly aggravated. Merely approaching a nest is enough to warrant an attack. Their sting is incredibly painful and if enough sting you, or you are allergic, the effect can be fatal. Yellowjacket wasps are incredibly dangerous. They will fly around obstacles to chase someone and they will even wait above water for a person or animal to come up for air. While this is obviously a terrifying concept it can be avoided simply by staying away from the nest and calling a professional to handle the removal.

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do yellow wasps nest survive winter

They mostly build their nests in the ground which is a big issue because a lawnmower or weed wacker can anger them a lot and cause them to attack in a large swarm. Even wiggling a bush that touches their nest is enough to send an army of wasps after you. They are also drawn to sugary human food so if you have a yellowjacket wasps nest on your property it is a good idea not to go outside with any kind of food or drink, even a spoon of sugar in your coffee will attract them to you in the latter part of the summer and the fall after they have finished raising their larva to maturity. 

The process of a yellowjacket wasp nests development starts in the spring. A queen who previously had her own nest abandoned it after the males died and hibernated through the winter. In the spring she will come out and start a small paper nest. When her children mature they will help to continue to build the nest. At this point, only sterile females are produced. Men and new queens, females that can mate, are produced in the fall. The nest grows over the seasons and when winter comes again unless the nest is somewhere with a controlled climate like inside a house, the nest will die from the cold and the new queens will find a place to hibernate, this all starts again in the spring. If you have a nest in a warm part of your house, like the attic or in the walls then the wasps may not die in the winter and the nest can continue to grow and grow until it is what exterminators call a super nest. One so large it would take hours of work to remove it. 

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