Do wasps have any natural predators

Do wasps have any natural predators

Wasps come in all shapes and sizes. They ruin your picnics they threaten your safety and their sting in like a hot steel nail. They may be pollinators and they may help kill other more annoying pests, but the good they bring is far overshadowed by the danger. 

Now I know most people would think the wasp is the king of the insect kingdom but they are not. There are far more dangerous insects and arachnids that eat wasps for breakfast. The praying mantis can tear a wasp apart with its scissor-like arms. There are many others, including larger wasps that are not afraid of killing and eating a wasp that is smaller than it. Spiders love wasps especially and find it very easy to catch and contain them. It is clear that while wasps are dangerous they are not the most dangerous and there are worse things that hunt them as well. 

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wasp have any natural predators

Reptiles do not seek out wasps but generally eat any flying insect that passes them. The wasp’s stinger is all but useless against reptile scales and leathery skin. They eat wasps like kernels of popcorn. Another example of wasp predators is birds. They are likely the biggest threat not just to individual wasps but also to large and small nests. A bird can swoop down and eat a queen wasp right out of her nest. Many birds like starlings, bluebirds, and woodpeckers specifically seek out solitary wasps and are smart enough to avoid large nests. 

Of course, there are dogs, rodents, bears, and any other animal that can chew a wasp. Their sting hurts the heck out of us but to a bear it’s basically a minor prick. A large bear can tear open a wasps nest and eat the whole population along with their wasp honey. 

If you have wasps on your property it is very important to have them removed. Even if it’s a solitary wasp like the paper wasp or mud dauber your family’s safety depends on your removing any wasps nest on your property. Now wasp traps work well but if you want them gone for good you will need to call the professionals at Wasp Control.

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