can wasps nest continue after you kill the queen

Can wasps nest continue after you kill the queen

The queen seems like an obvious target. She provides the nest with larva while the workers serve her wishes and feed the larva she births. But this is not always the case. Some nests may have more than one queen and some nests may share queens with other nests so it is not the best option and is also incredibly dangerous as you will have to rip the nest open while the wasps are still alive. They will attack you en mass as you search for the queen, they know you want to kill her. So unless you’re wearing a sturdy bee suit you may want to skip out on this option and go for something a little bit more reasonable and effective. 

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The queen rarely ever leaves the nest except for some times during the fall but otherwise, she stays hidden and protected by her workers. It can also be hard to discern which wasp is the actual queen as they are all of different sizes and colours. So finding the queen is a bit of an effort. And again you will be ripping open a living nest and will have hundreds of wasps trying to kill you and they will try to crawl into your clothing and sting you from there. 

So no, killing the queen is not easy, it is not effective and it is not safe. Try something else. If your property is used for a lot of outdoor eating then you may be the reason the wasps are here in the first place. You need to make sure garbage is locked and sealed and stored in the garage and that any and all leftover, especially anything sweet smelling like fruit and desserts is cleaned up right after eating it, don’t leave the child’s fallen ice cream on the ground because the wasps will love it and start a nest on your property in expectation of more free food. 

You can also try getting some powerful insecticide spray, two cans and empty it into the nest entrance at the same time, keep going until the cans are empty, and make sure to not move the nest for at least a month while all the wasps slowly die. This can take a while and you still may have a random wasp flying around but after a short time, your home and property should be free of wasps. If that seems too hard, call in the professionals at The Exterminators Inc.