can wasps come through vents

Can wasps come through vents

Wasps are one of the most aggravating and dangerous infestations a person can have. There is a broad variety of different wasps, some of which are not aggressive but most of them are. Wasps run the gamut in looks and lifecycle but they are all bound by the fact that they can sting as many times as they want, and that can be deadly even for a full-grown adult human. 

If you suspect wasp presence anywhere near or on your property, contact wasp removal  Hamilton for quick and safe removal.

The most common wasps to have entering vents are yellowjackets and paper wasps. Paper wasps are loners, independent wasps that can lay their own eggs and build their own small nests to lay their eggs. The paper wasp is not overly aggressive but will attack if it thinks its nest is threatened. The good news is there will just be two or three of them. Yellowjackets are the focus of this article because they build nests in large numbers and are one of the most common wasps to threaten private properties. 

The yellowjacket life cycle is simple enough. The queen comes out of hibernation from the year before in the spring. She quickly finds a safe place away from any danger and builds a small paper-like nest and then lays her eggs. This usually takes place underground but the yellowjackets are just looking for a place that is sealed off and safe. This could easily be your ventilation system. In the spring most people turn off their heating and air conditioning. This results in a ventilation system with no air passing through. This is a perfect chance for a wasp queen to build her nest. Within a month the wasps could actually clog up your HVAC system and you will only find out when you turn on the AC and see hundreds of yellowjacket wasps rush out of the vents to attack. For this reason, it is a good idea to have your ventilation system inspected for animals or pests yearly, at the beginning of spring. 

If you have wasps on your property it is very important to remove them. Even if it’s a solitary wasp like the paper wasp or mud dauber your family’s safety depends on your removing any wasps nest on your property. 

Now wasp traps work well but if you want them gone for good you will need to call the professionals at Wasp Control. Our technicians are trained at heights, licensed to kill wasps, and insured. They can kill the nest, remove it and destroy it within one hour and provide you with the peace of mind that can only come with a wasp extermination see.