Why do rats chew electrical wiring?

Why do rats chew electrical wiring?

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You might know already that rats chew on all kinds of things, most notably wiring. They also seem to have a thing for aluminum, but what is the reason behind it all? As you inspect the house for a possible infestation you will notice wires all being chewed up and mangled. The reason behind it all is quite simple and unexpected. It turns out that chewing wires actually benefit the rats as it keeps the teeth from growing too long. Chewing on wiring keeps the teeth short and gives the rat control over the length of the test. Not grinding the teeth can hamper the rate significantly as it can grow over 3 cm in length if nothing is being done about it. 

When rats find nothing to gnaw on they resort to other materials to keep their teeth in check. It also is a behavioral trait when there is food nearby and to show dominance when there is smaller prey nearby. Of course, gnawing also has a practical use as well for creating nests and creating storage space for food. Going back to chewing wires, because that is one of the main causes of power outages and can have a significant impact on your home. As the rats gnaw the wiring the rat can get itself electrocuted because of the exposed copper wiring. This can lead to incredible strong odors throughout the house where finding the rat becomes a mammoth of a task because of the obscure and hard-to-reach places it often frequencies. 

Chewing wires also one of the leading causes of house fires where damages can reach unimaginable heights. Rats are also the main carrier of the Hantavirus where direct and indirect exposure can lead to catching the Hanta Pulmonary Disease Syndrome, it is a disease that affects the lungs and can have devastating consequences for your health. 

To make sure that you do not have rats make sure to comb the house and look for rat feces, gnaw marks, or bite marks throughout the house. When you have found one of these signs, it is best that you contact a reputable pest control service that can take care of your rat problem in a matter of weeks. Exterminator Hamilton is a full comprehensive pest control service that employs licensed and experienced technicians that have more than a decade of experience. So call now to live a rat-free as soon as possible