Would I be able to buy rat poison off of an online store?

Would I be able to buy rat poison off of an online store?

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No, it is illegal in the country of Canada to buy rat poison online. What you can do is go to a local hardware store and buy repellants there, but they will not be as effective as professional formulations which are far more potent and truly effective. The issue with store-bought products, or rather the benefit, is that they are not as dangerous as professional formulations. Only the select few who are licensed and trained can buy professional-grade formulations from accredited and approved retailers. 

Professionals are not to be underestimated when dealing with rat infestations. The problem is that the public is convinced that store-bought repellants that you can buy in any store will do as an effective job as the professional itself. The issue is that when people buy these products is that they unknowingly buy diluted products that are ineffective by design to protect the consumer against the dangerous after-effect of the product. When improperly handled these can be swallowed, explode, cause bodily harm, or lead to hospitalization. When professionals use industry-grade products, technicians are well-versed in the proper handling and storing of these products to avoid all of the above risks associated with handling formulations. 

“…Pesticides must be registered under the federal Pest Control Products Act before they can be sold or used in Ontario” (onatrio.ca). The governing body regulating the selling and buying, and other aspects involving pesticides is officially called The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks which are also responsible for issuing Exterminator Licenses. 

Applying, handling, transporting, and storing comes with great responsibility that is not meant to be abused by anyone. That is why when professionals who come over to deal with your pest problem in general take several steps before applying the formulations because they are aware of the effects it can have on their health and the health of others in the building or property. 

Having deep-rooted knowledge about a certain pest can make the pesticide so much more effective because technicians are virtually feeding it to them so that they can eliminate them in greater numbers than just randomly placing it and hoping for the pest. Knowledge, experience, and training all go hand in hand and separates the technician from the DIYer. Even if you got your hands on professional formulations do not expect it to be effective because lack of experience and skill is a great the differentiators. If you are dealing with rat problems, make sure to contact Exterminator Hamilton to get to the bottom of your rat infestation. We employ only the best of the best in the field that can make your infestations go away in a matter of a few weeks. Call now, don’t hesitate for a rat-free life!