Whats the difference between a black rat and a brown rat?

Whats the difference between a black rat and a brown rat?

The brown rat is a sturdy omnivor, which means it will eat meat and vegetables. It lives mainly outdoors or in the sewer. It doesnt really care what it eats so its easy to catch them with poison. A good example of a poison that works well on brown rats is rodenticide. The poison cannot be too fast acting or dangerous or else it could hurt a human or pet. Once the rat eats it it will search for a warm dry place and die. 

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Black rats are friendly and from a tropical region so they tend towards warmth. They are excelent climbers so they are likely to enter your home through the attic instead of the basement like brown rats. They love places with insulation esspecially so they can cuddle up and get warm. They are vegitarians so they don’t eat meat but that doesnt mean your kitchen is safe, they love grains and cereal and fruit. They are also very cautious. If one rat is killed by a trap the others will learn from it and be less likely to trip them. 

Rats can cause sever structural damage to your home if they get in. They usually find their way in through an open door or garage. They will chew literally anything and that includes all the materials your house is made of. A major danger in trying to get rid of rats is killing them with poison. Rats have a high water content so when they die they release a lot of that content into the attic or the walls, the smell this creates is absolutely awful. 

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