Why are rats aggressive?

Why are rats aggressive?

Rats have a heiarchicaal structure and often fight each other over mates. For this reason they need a certain level of aggression to defend their nests. This is the reason many humans find rats aggressive. If you somehow find a nest, or just come to close to it you may find yourself head to head with an angry rat. This is a situation you want to avoid. Rats carry a lot of dangerous illnesses.

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Comically, rats can also be agressive because they are young. Teenage rats actualy go through a strong hormon cycle that can leave them highly aggressive and ready to attack anything they can find. These rats are not children and do leave the nest so you will deffinitly want to be careful if you see a young rat hanging around and looking tough. 

Not just that but the rats have to fight. They arent smart enough for democracy and voting. They have to rule with fear, like “The Prince”. They fight amongst themselves to define status, and when they meet other creatures in their territory they will fight to protect that territory. Now that is something we can all understand. Maybe its all just a big misunderstanding. 

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