What you need to know about Bald-faced hornets

Bald-faced hornets are not hornets. They are the brother of the paper wasp and are almost identical to them in their behavior and nesting. The bald-faced wasp is a solitary wasp, like the paper wasp but is also much more aggressive. It has a threatening-looking white mark on its face that resembles a skull and they are often mistaken for giant black hornets. They are however just basic house wasps that can be killed just as fast as paper wasps and with very little effort. 

The paper wasps life cycle depends mostly on where they make their nest. If they manage to find a location inside of a heated building or house then they can continue to breed and grow indefinitely. Because they are solo wasps they tend to make separate nests from each other, each close family caring for its own nest, however, if the nests are close enough they may join them and build a larger nest. 

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While this can get serious if it’s in your attic there will never be as many wasps in that nest as there will be in a yellow jacket nest and the bald-faced wasps are much less aggressive. You have to come after their nest to get them truly angry. 

If you have bald-faced wasp nests on your property then you will need to get rid of them. They aren’t much of a danger to adults, and with some basic wasp traps you can keep them at bay but if you have pets or children you will need to get rid of them completely. The bald-faced wasp nest is fascinating to look at and will attract a child’s attention, which could end very badly if they get stung multiple times. So if you have these wasps it would be smart to either build a wasp trap, remove and relocate the nest or exterminate it completely, remove it and destroy it. 

To build a wasp trap you need rotting fruit and apple cider vinegar. Put it into a clear plastic bottle or jug and cut a small 1-inch hole in the top. The wasps will fly in and be unable to find the hole to get out again. The vinegar will eventually suffocate them and they will die. For solo wasps, this can be a great solution. 

If you are very worried you can try waiting till nightfall and using a glass jar and a cutting board to cover and separate the nest from the surface. You can take it as far away as you like and lay the board down somewhere safe in the woods. They won’t even notice they were moved. 

If you want to kill them you need only spray them with insecticide. Wasps are very easy to kill, you should have no issues at all.