What should you do if you catch a mouse?

What should you do if you catch a mouse?

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It might be a great thing or it may be a very bad thing depending on what you tried to accomplish. If the mouse is alive and kicking and you are not afraid to get your hands dirty you might try to release it. Make sure you release it far away off your property so it cannot finds its way back to your house when you let it out in the world. Avoid releasing it near inhabited areas. Do not release the mouse close to neighborhoods, farms, businesses, or public parks. This might seem like a challenge, but as Ontario is quite green, you should not have a problem with it. You might need to wear gloves to protect you from bacteria or bites. This might be very rare, but risks cannot be taken when you are handling a wild rodent. 

If mice are caught on glue traps there are ways to free it humanely. Make sure to be at least 2 kilometers away from your house. You can free the mouse by pouring vegetable oil on the glue trap the break down the glue gradually so that the mouse can escape. When transporting the mouse keep it in a box or a bucket so it cannot escape. Dispose of the trap immediately and wash your hands thoroughly for at least twenty seconds.  

Rodents such as mice and rats are infamous for carrying the Hantavirus and causing Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. It is a disease that causes severe breathing problems and can transfer to anyone who is either directly or indirectly exposed to it. If it is dead make sure to dispose of it as soon as possible in the trash. Do not throw it in the same trashcan you keep at home. It is unsanitary and creates a stench that spreads through the house quickly. Make sure you put it in a small plastic bag before throwing it in the bin outside. Make sure to wash your hands vigorously for at least twenty seconds non-stop according to recommendations given by the World Health Organization or Health Canada. 

Having mice is in your house can cause a lot of distress as the mouse may be in a lot of pain and might squeal or squeak from the pain. Consider buying a humane mouse trap. The best way is to deal with mice is to hire a reputable pest control service based in the Greater Toronto Area such as Exterminator Hamilton. We have experienced licensed technicians that have been dealing with mice for several years. We have the tools and the skills needed to take on every mouse and make your infestation history. Call us now to find out how!