Is there any way to mask the smell of a decomposing rat after I found it dead

Is there any way to mask the smell of a decomposing rat after I found it dead?

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There are certain ways to mask the smell, but one needs to understand that masking is not equal to removing the smell. To remove the smell, you must remove the source. In most cases finding a decomposing rat might be a hard task considering that rats frequent hard-to-reach places in homes. Rats are by nature cautious and will most likely perish behind items or hard to access places. In some cases depending on the type of species you are dealing with you might not even notice when rats have been in your house until it decomposes. 

Roof rats are such rats that it can happen to because they prefer elevated places in the house to look for food. They usually move through drains to enter and exit the house. Norway rats on the other side prefer to stay on the lower floors and are most likely to enter garages and might hunker down for a while. They will go into your gardens and will dig burrows causing all kinds of problems to your crops in the long run. In all cases, they will stay away from human interaction. If you do find a decomposing rat, make sure to wear the right protective equipment to protect yourself from harmful bacteria. Wear gloves and put the rat into two bags to make sure that the bag is not able to tear. After that, you need to disinfect the area properly using 1 part water and 10 parts bleach. Carefully while the area down properly. Do not sweep or vacuum the area as it has the chance of spreading allergens, bacteria, and viruses to other places of the house. Make sure to place the rat in the garbage bin outside. If any doubt contacts a municipal agency to learn how to properly dispose of the decomposed animal in question.  

There are several ways to mask the odor until it partially or completely disappears. These are hanging on placing odor removal bags. You can find these in any big chain hardware or grocery store. The idea is to hang them close to the area where the decomposing rat was found. Sources say that the smell should go away in a couple of days.

Using an air purifier can do the trick, but do not expect lasting results as the strength and the effectiveness can differ heavily brand to brand. Again, scary the air purifier close to where you have found the dead mouse. 

Using candles that have odor-eliminating properties can help mask the smell. Results may vary on several factors. 

Coffee grounds are a popular home remedy, that also has varying results. 

All the above-listed solutions are strictly alternatives and do not replace professional treatment in whatever way. To get rid of odors, it is recommended to hire professional companies such as Exterminator Hamilton to get rid of unpleasant odors by using our time-tested methodologies that have helped with numerous people across the region. Call now to schedule an appointment or to ask for more information.