What are the dangers of destroying a wasp nest

What are the dangers of destroying a wasp nest

Wasps are very aggressive and territorial creatures that do not take kindly to intruders in their land. They very much dislike anyone approaching their nest and are likely to attack them in a swarm if they threaten their queen. 

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dangers of destroying a wasp nest

So what are the dangers of a wasp nest in your yard or in your home and what are the dangers in destroying that wasp nest. Well lets start at the beginning and see how wasps build nests. 

The queen is the only member of a wasp nest that survives the winter. When the cold winds start blowing the other wasps will die off and the wasp queen will be the only one left. She will abandoned her nest and find a nice safe place, often under tree bark or in a hole where they can hibernate through the winter. When the spring comes around the queen will build a small rudimentary nest and begin raising new children when the nest matures it will be filled with up to 50,000 wasps and they will be very active and a great danger to anyone who passes by. When the winter comes the wasps all die except for the queen and the whole process repeats over again. 

If you have wasps on your property or you just want to take precautions to prevent them from coming on your property then you should make sure to not leave garbage out over night. Wasps are attracted to garbage it they will make a nest on your property if they think they will have ready access to it. So make sure to store your garbage in tightly sealed and locked containers in your garage with a tightly fitting door that meets the ground or else wasps my squeeze through the bottom of the door and get in to your garage and make a nest. 

If your truly worried you can try to kill the nest. This is not an easy thing to do and is very dangerous. You will need a full covering outfit and a beekeepers hat as well as thick leather gloves and this is rarely enough, the wasps can still crawl under your clothing a sting you from the inside. Not fun. So get two cans of spray insecticide and go find the nest. Once you have found it unload both cans into the entrance of the nest and keep spraying till the cans are both empty. This will take care of the nest but don’t move the nest for one month to ensure all the wasps are dead.