How to remove wasps from under a deck

How to remove wasps from under a deck

Wasps are a frustrating and dangerous infestation that can keep you locked in your house for weeks in fear of being attacked by a swarm of wasps. They can make their nests anywhere, ground wasps make their nests in soil by digging up a hole to find a grub, when they find the grub they lay an egg beside it and bury them together. When the egg hatches into a larva it can eat the grub and will have the energy necessary to climb out of the hole and begin its life cycle. Wasps can also make large and elaborate nests in places like in your walls, hanging from the roof over your deck or even from the trees around your property but they are not limited to those locations.

If you suspect wasp presence anywhere near or on your property, contact wasp removal  Hamilton for quick and safe removal.

wasp nest under deck

They can also build nests in places like under your deck. And that can be a serious problem when you have kids and animals that want to play outside. The reason you have wasps may not be an accident, most people attract wasps to their property by improperly storing garbage, by not turning their compost, and by leaving rotting fruit around from fruit trees. And make sure to clean up after your children eat outside, things like ice cream, cake, and frosting and dripped ketchup are some of wasps favourite foods as well and they may even come over to the child and attack it for the food. They will also be attracted to building a nest on your property or in your house with the expectation that you will be providing them with regular meals and becoming aggressive if you approach them. 

Removing a wasp nest from under your deck can be a real hazard and very difficult depending on how low your deck is. If it’s a good few feet off the ground then it may not be too hard to remove the nest but if it’s very low to the ground you may be in trouble and have to remove planks to access the nest. Either way, it’s a dangerous job and calls for protective gear like a bee suit and some serious insecticide spray. Spray the opening with both bottles at once and keep going till they’re empty, then make sure to leave it for a month so the wasps all die, then you can remove the nest from the deck and enjoy your backyard once again.