Natural wasp repellents

Natural wasp repellents

There are all sorts of insects that can sting you, that can crawl on your food and buzz around your head, but none are so hated as the wasp. The wasp’s sting is one of the most painful and they are often aggressive and willing to sting in swarms. They are also willing to chase an individual around corners and objects and they will even wait over water. They are a dangerous threat and it is very important to deal with them. But if the issue is not too bad then you may be able to get away with traps and repellents. 

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The most common homemade wasp trap is a clear plastic jug like what comes with juice at the grocery store. Fill it a quarter of the way with rotten fruit, water, and apple cider vinegar in equal measure. Seal it with lit and cut a one-inch hole so the wasps can get in. They will be unable to leave and will die from the vinegar fumes. 

Mint is also a good repellent. Wasps do not like the smell so if you want to eat outside bring a big bouquet of mint and the wasps will leave you alone. You can also cover your body in baby powder but with recent news on its dangers that may be something you want to avoid. Though it does do a great job of keeping insects away from you. 

Cucumber peel is also great, peel a cucumber and place the skins around the house or on the table when you eat outside. The bitter chemical cucurbitacins will keep the wasps at bay. 

Shockingly enough, bay leaves can keep wasps away, throw handfuls of them wherever you want, they are dried and will not rot so they are safe to crush and sprinkle. That being said, wasps will still infest bay trees so this method may be a wives tale. 

Soap and water in a spray bottle is an instant killer of wasps. Like all insects, they don’t have lungs but breathe through their carapace through thousands of tiny tubes called capillaries. If you seal the surface of the carapace with something sticky like soap they will suffocate and die. You can also use water and white vinegar. Anything sticky or acidic will kill them. 

It turns out, based on the above that wasps are threatening but delicate. A glass cannon as the military would say. You can kill them easily with household materials and they suddenly become less of a threat when you know a spray bottle or a handful of cucumber peel will keep them at bay. That being said, children and pets tend to be very curious and if they find a nest they may try to touch it. This can be a serious situation and calls for an expert to come and exterminate the nest.