How can black light help me spot bed bugs?

How can black light help me spot bed bugs?

UV light is quite similar to regular light, but are different kinds of radiation. The difference between the two is where they are at on the spectrum of light. The visible light that we are used to refers to the light we are able to see with our naked eye. The spectrum is made up of different wavelengths ann can appear as different colors. Such as blue, red, green , and yellow. The more energy it has the higher the wavelength. Ultra Violet has more energy and that means that it is not detectable by our with the naked eye. UV reacts with substances called phosphors and is anything luminescent which means that it absorbs energy. 

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Anthrobods including insects like bed bugs glow under UV light this is probably due to that their exoskeletonetons are made of the same materials nails are made of which glows under UV light. Spiders, scorpions , grasshoppers, and many more other insects glow. Insects do actually not have the same vision has humans do. What visible light is to us may be invisible to them and vise-versa.

Some insects like you might have guess like moths are attracted to UV lights because they rely on the moon to steer their way. 

To actually start detecting the bed bugs it is wise to start cleaning up the clutter. Vacuum if needed under any furniture. The goal here is to give any bed bugs a chance to escape, hide, and to reinvest the place later on when you do shine the UV light on them. Make sure you give yourself enough space to freely move without constrictions and so maybe moving the bed and some furniture out of the way would be a good idea.

First you take the bedding and seal it up and set it apart to come back for it later.  You want to focus on the mattress and the bed frame, because bed bugs are often between the seams of the mattress and can go in cracks go the bed frame. This is where the bulk of your work will be done. Any fold, any crease can be a potential hiding spot. Look underneath the flap of the zipper if the mattress has any. As mentioned before the bed frame can also be a prime hiding spot so make sure you cover every nook, cranny, crack, and hole.

The best way to proceed is to call a professional reputable bed bug control service after you find evidence. If you happen to be in a contractual agreement, make sure you show it to the property owner so s/he can take the right steps.