How to disinfect luggage from bed bugs?

How to disinfect luggage from bed bugs?

Packing up for a holiday to enjoy some time of should be a joyous occasion as many of us   would want. It’s a time sacredly dedicated  to you, and you only. The last thing that should be on one’s mind is what am I going to do with all these bed bugs now? To find bed bugs in your luggage might be an alarming sign that you might be dealing with an infestation or at least brought in bed bugs from another location in your home to eventually cause an infestation. Whatever the case might be, ridding your luggage of bed should be actually a later step in determining whether you are dealing with an population inside of your home or that they were brought in from elsewhere. 

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The key is to look where bed bugs like to spend their time the most which is near you. As flattering as that may sound, the issue can be more grave when it turns out that they have been getting there next blood meal from you as bed bugs are creatures that tend to stay close to their source of food, you! The main problem solving first is determining whether the bed bugs are brought in or already present. To do this might be a very time consuming and annoying task to undertake it yourself. That is why pest control services that are local might be te pest solution and for that matter the only solution you have as expertise and knowledge both are intertwined in eliminating the bed bug population inside your home as the technicians have access to specialized treatments and solutions that are simply not sold in any regular store to reach the efficacy that a professional licensed exterminator would have. To embark on this investigation yourself check any crevice, any hole, any gap the thickness of a credit or debit card that might be possible entry points, one determined there are two ways to go about this. 1) you buy a spray from the store which can be a temporary solution 2) Call in en exterminator to eliminate all your bed bugs inside your home. Now that you have confirmed the presence it is time to find out how to disinfect your luggage from bed bugs.  Some conventional methods as the one listed below are proven to be very effective!

  1. If you haven’t done so, take all your clothes out
  2. Take your luggage outside, this is critical to ensure the bugs do not escape
  3. Vacuum the life out of your suit case. Make sure to get every compartment, corner, and opening
  4. Mist your luggage piece with bed bug spray or you can steam it by renting a steamer.
  5. Let it sit/marinate. Letting the process do its job might take you a few minutes. Repeat the process until you no longer see a presence. If you still see a presence you, unfortunately have to invest in a new suitcase.

All in all it cannot be stressed enough that hiring an exterminator will be your best solution in tackling your bed bug problem. Contacting a reputable exterminator service local to the Greater Toronto Area will put your mind in ease knowing that exterminators have the proper training and years of experience to rid your house of bed bugs in employing the most efficient and safe methods for you and those who live around you in solving this problem.