can we vacuum cockroaches

Can we vacuum cockroaches?

Whether we can vacuum clean the cockroaches that have been infesting our homes is a question that requires answering other questions before. It all depends on the vacuum. Yes, you can vacuum cockroaches, but a bigger issue is what result do you expect from it and get from it. Vacuuming cockroaches are as effective as buying traps and store-bought repellants, meaning that it is not going to be very effective, you can have bags and bags full of cockroaches, but it will not do anything unless the root cause is resolved. To eliminate cockroaches effectively, you cannot just go randomly vacuum wherever you see them, you need to call professional cockroach control Hamilton to deal with the infestation. There are mainly two problems associated with this. 1) The visible cockroaches that you do see in your house only make up a fraction of the real number of cockroaches. What you are seeing in your house is a result of overpopulation. In other words, it is just the tip of the iceberg. 2) When you suck up these critters, chances are that they are very much alive, and when you empty the bag, they can quickly disperse and repopulate the house, if not they go to your neighbor’s house where they will eventually find their way back. Cockroaches are resilient creatures and this has been known throughout much of our common history with these pests. 

What you can do with a vacuum is sucking up small dead cockroaches, limbs that get left behind, and crumbs scattered on the floor. This minimizes the risk that cockroaches will come back to that particular area to find food, especially in the kitchen area. Cockroaches are opportunistic insects meaning that they will consume everything and anything that comes their way. This includes some of their own when they are found dead. This is why it is important to keep a tidy home and to store food away as soon as possible. Several sources online suggest buying a vacuum with HEPA filter, this prevents allergens from spreading in the air. A severe cockroach infestation has shown that people with asthma are particularly sensitive to this and this may cause symptoms to flare up. 

The best way to resolve this issue without any hassle and headaches is to hire a professional reputable cockroach control service based in Hamilton Area such as Exterminator Hamilton. We employ technicians that have years of experience dealing with pests no matter the extent. We have the necessary tools and formulations available to make your home cockroach-free as soon as possible, so do not hesitate and call us now!