rats capable of staying long term

Are rats capable of staying long-term in your house as mice do?

It really depends on the species, generally, there are two rat species that invade your property and you would need professional rat exterminator Hamilton service to deal with them. The Roof rat and Norway rat. These are rats who invade your property differently and take advantage of it, however, they can both gain entry inside the property through a left open garage door through cracks and crevices, but where the area of movement will be very limited compared to mice. Their stay depends on the availability of food and water. Roof rats prefer to stay in elevated heights such as the attic where it travels through roof pipes back and forth to scaring for food. Norway rats on the other hand prefer to stay low and usually go in your yard and dig burrows. These rats usually collect material around the house such as paper, cardboard, and other sorts to make their nest as comfortable as possible. Norway rats typically stay around the yard and eat from garbage and hunt small insects.

There are various reasons why your home might be considered a heaven for rats to stay in indefinitely. The main reason why rats flock to homes in the first place is to seek shelter from the cold and harsh environment from the outdoors. By being in a warm and comfortable place rats can find the opportunity to multiply and to build nests in peace with the source of food a few meters away. This combination makes it likely that rats can make nests in your home and that they can birth offspring for several generations. The abundance of water also seems to be a determining factor in attracting rats to your home as leaky pipes make up a good source to quench the rats’ thirst with ease.

The diet of the rat is far from specific and they are known to consume feces, dumpsters, and from our trash cans. What might be trash for you is a full multi-course buffet. To make things even more unappetizing is that rats are known to be the carrier of several diseases including being the cause of the infamous plague, salmonellosis, leptospirosissis, and tularemia to give you an idea of what they have in store. Being in contact with their urine and droppings can also be a way to transfer the diseases over. To prevent the rats from breaching in your home it is advised to check the whole perimeter of your house as rats are known to be very agile, They can slip through cracks, devices, structural gaps, and through exposed gaps and pipes. The key here is to limit any access possible through which the way can find its way into your house.  Please feel free to call Exterminator Hamilton if you need help dealing with the rat infestation.