Can cockroaches become attracted when I light scented candles

Can cockroaches become attracted when I light scented candles?

Cockroaches have a rather unique way of smelling through their antennas called olfaction and can taste through their feet called gustation. When candles are lit it is not likely that cockroaches will come off at the scented candles because rather they will eat from the candle wax itself. Cockroaches are opportunistic insects that will eat anything it sees and this can range from human hair to soap, to garbage and even excretion. Cockroaches can multiply very quickly and infest your property and cause damage, call our cockroach exterminator Hamilton immediately if you see even one cockroach. The cockroach simply does not know any limits when it comes to feeding itself and for this reason, cockroaches are often found in kitchens, sewers, bathrooms, and dumps because of the abundance of food the cockroach can find in these places. The cockroach also has an amazing sense of smell that can smell food from the outside. The issue with the is that cockroaches are rarely repelled by anything and will rather march on. There are rather exceptions, as it turns out, cockroaches cannot stand the scent of lavender and other essential oils. They do not like the smell of citrus and eucalyptus. 

The best way to deter cockroaches as well is to clean regularly and to store your food properly. Due to their superior sense of smell, they can detect food from far away distances and will cover that distance in order to get what it was looking for. Cockroaches in terms of being picky eaters are not really a thing because as earlier mentioned before, they aren’t known as picky eaters. Meaning that they will consume everything that comes their way. Cockroaches are extremely resilient creatures who will need professional intervention when one wants to get rid of them for good. Reputable pest control services such as The Exterminators Inc. employ experienced insured and licensed professionals that have years of experience in the field and know exactly what they need to do in order to reduce the population to zero in a matter of weeks using time-tested solutions and methodologies that have worked for countless of business and homeowners across the region.

Hiring a professional pest control Hamilton company is one of the best investments one can make because it is a one-time solution that does not require your time or effort. Instead, let the professionals handle the situation in what they know and do best. Again, hiring a reputable pest control service will not only give you a high-quality service it is also a guarantee that your problem is taken care of long after due to the great guarantee that we offer on all the jobs we work on. Do not hesitate and call us now to find out more.