Do rats bring benefits when they enter a home

Do rats bring benefits when they enter a home?

Apart from hunting small insects here and there, they will not bring in many benefits. Rats if anything, brings in a lot of negativity when they enter a home. Rats are attracted to food and water, that together with shelter, will guarantee that a rat would stay long-term. When rats have all those things it can quickly spin out of control where an infestation is inevitable. Rats often find their way in through left open garage spaces, crevices, holes, and cracks. 

When they find their way in, they often stay in the more obscure places and they prefer to stay away from any human presence. The issue with this is that you could have several rats and not even be aware of this, leading to an incredible stench throughout the house which can cause health-related problems when this issue is going on too long.

Rats have a habit to leave droppings and urine everywhere they go which causes other health-related issues such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Disease Syndrome which is a very severe disease that affects the lungs and other vital systems in your body. Apart from that, is that rats gnaw and chew on a range of items throughout your house that can gravely put you in danger. They have the habit to gnaw and chew on electrical wiring which can spell disaster if any of the exposed wirings somehow leads to a house fire. Rats are regularly electrocuted because of the exposed copper wiring which can lead to a horrible smell throughout the house as well. 

As you can read from the above paragraphs, rats do more harm than good. Especially when you have a backyard with growing crops. Rats outdoors dig out burrows to nest in and can eat from your crops, garbage, and anything it can find on its way to keep itself fed. 

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