Would it be safe to flush a live cockroach when I catch it

Would it be safe to flush a live cockroach when I catch it?

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If it would be safe to flush a cockroach? It wouldn’t hurt to flush a few cockroaches, but flushing cockroaches would not help the problem at all. They will most likely survive as they can survive up to 30 minutes without oxygen. Flushing cockroaches is frankly quite pointless as it just shifts the problem from one place to the other. In some cases, the cockroaches might even survive the strong current as might find themselves back in your home. The most effective way to tackle this problem if you want to get rid of cockroaches is to call a reputable licensed technician. The issue with flushing a dead or alive cockroach is not flushing itself which can be done in just a few seconds but the time that is put into killing and hunting down one cockroach only to be flushed down. Having cockroaches can weigh heavy one’s shoulders both psychologically and physically and want to squash cockroaches as fast as possible requires some energy. Cockroaches are resilient creatures and chances are that you might have tried store-bought products before without making any kind of progress. The issue has to do with the toxicity of the formulations used. These stare-bought products are not potent enough by design. 

People spend hundreds of dollars on all kinds of chemicals, repellants, and traps that barely work losing hope and money in the process when they use their tenth or twentieth trap or repellant. Most people forget that technicians are trained and licensed professionals and that the field has developed far beyond what we imagine pest control technicians to be. Pest control services such as Exterminators Inc. use effective and environmentally friendly methods to bring the population down to zero and even have measures to keep them out for good. These techniques are time-tested and proven to work for business owners and homeowners across the region. All of the technicians that we employ have more than a decade of experience in the field and have dealt with the most persistent and the most extensive infestations one can find throughout the region. You can start seeing results in as little as three weeks. This of course all depends on the extent and the gravity of the infestation, but one thing is sure: We can take care of your cockroaches in no time. Call Exterminator Hamilton. to live a cockroach-free life