Would it be possible to see rat hair shedding in an infestation?

Would it be possible to see rat hair shedding in an infestation?

Rat Control Hamilton is your number one service to get rid of rats in private properties and in commercial properties. We offer effective long-term solutions that make rats history with the help of our licensed and insured technicians that help each and every infestation meet their end!

Rats shed their fur known as molting. Molting occurs in a big range of animals, and this is, as we can see, not exclusive to just cats and dogs. When the winter comes along, the fur thickens so that the animal keeps warm during the winter. During the summer when animals need to cool down they often shed their fur. The difference when cats and dogs shed their fur is that it happens quite in a messy way. You will be surprised to find out that rats are pretty tidy and organized creatures. Rats take care of their loose hair. The first shed their skin at just a few weeks old then at two to three months, significant shedding occurs. The older the rat is the more sickly they get, so shedding fur may be a sign that you are dealing with older rats. 

When you are dealing with rats the signs usually include more obvious signs such as droppings, nests, and bite marks in and around the property. Because hairs are often hard to find most people don’t look out for hairs because finding them is quite rare and difficult. When looking for signs people often need to look for droppings, nests, paw marks, bite marks, and bite marks in and around the property. 

When you suspect a rat infestation, the best way to go about this is to hire professionals. These are licensed and insured individuals that know how to put every infestation to an end. The formulations that professionals use are high-quality and are of industry-standard caliber. Apart from the tools they also have a great range of formulations that they deploy based on the situation and the extent of the infestation. 

At Exterminator Hamilton we employ seasoned technicians that have years of experience helping people across the region. Business owners and homeowners have been relieved from rat infestations with the solutions that we offer. When you experience a rat infestation the first instinct is to go to a hardware store and buy store-bought repellants, traps, and other kinds of sprays that have no real effect on the rats. The issue here is that these products are weak by design meaning that these are not truly potent formulations that either rat get used to or do not help with a large number. With Exterminator Hamilton you know that you will live your life rat-free!