What you need to know about Japanese Giant hornet

What you need to know about Japanese Giant hornet

The Japanese giant hornet is perhaps the most terrifying insect in the world. It is absolutely huge and can cause severe damage to a human. Their stings can kill a person through necrosis and organ failure and they feed their children by ripping the heads off other smaller insects and leave the decapitated bodies lying on the ground. In a trail of blood they raise their young and in blood, they live. These creatures are very dangerous and if you have a nest of them on your property you will need to act quickly to get rid of them. Currently there have been reports of these insects swarming British Columbia, if that is the case they are in for a hell of a time because these hornets are from another world entirely.

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In Japan the giant hornet is revered as a flavour full addition to a drink or meal but the venom is actually quite deadly and when injected into the blood stream can kill you very quickly and there is no cure. 

The Japanese hornet is distinctively coloured in black orange and yellow stripes and is easy to notice with the naked eye, they are twice the size of American hornets and ten times as deadly. Its wings are also brown and dark with a wide length. 

These hornets are also capable of living in large hives with thousands of occupants, so unlike some wasps and hornets they will fill your yard rapidly. Giant hornets also make their nest in the ground, often in holes dug out by rodents. They take advantage of these safe environments to build a nest and breed. The giant hornets travel much longer distances in search of food than other hornets, they are more defensible because of their size and can kill birds, rodents and even larger animals like a fox or a wolf. Their sting is very deadly and can cause necrosis of the organs. So stay away from them and make sure if they have a nest on your property to get rid of it fast. Their favourite food is honey bees and they will travel a great distance to find a hive. When they find it they will leave a pheromone mark that will call in other hornets and they will attack the colony and kill and eat all the bees. They may even take some of the honey or lay egs in the now destroyed bee hive. So if anything is clear its that Japanese giant hornets are truly terrifying.