How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Soffit

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in My Soffit

Are you hearing scratching noises in the attic? Are there far too many squirrels running around on your roof? You may have a squirrel nesting in your soffit. Squirrel problems are very common in residential areas. Instead of nesting in trees, squirrels will sometimes choose to nest in the soffit or attic of the house. With time, this causes damage to the attic’s insulation and to the ceiling below. If there is a squirrel in your soffit, give us a call. We offer safe and humane squirrel removal services in Hamilton, Ontario.

Squirrels love to nest in soffits. While it may seem impossible for them to get inside, the little critters can chew right through them while standing on a downspout or other part of the roof. Squirrels will chew holes about the size of a golf ball, then build a nest right on the other side. Females do this especially in early spring and summer. Other might build nests in the soffit so they have somewhere warm to sleep at night. Soffits are perfect for squirrels because they are warm, safe, and close to food – just like a hollow tree.

The best way to get a squirrel out of a soffit is to attach a one-way door to the hole they put inside it. A one-way door is like an open-ended trap; once a squirrel walks through it, it cannot go back. The door shuts behind the animal, forcing it to find another place to live. Wildlife technicians have access to these devices, and they can install one for you. They can find the squirrel’s nest, figure out if there are babies in the nest, then install the door safely. A few days or weeks later, the technician will return to remove the door and replace it with a squirrel-proof material, like mesh.

One of the challenges associated with squirrel removal is that squirrels will often come back. They might chew a new hole in the soffit to get back to their nest. To help avoid this, it is recommended that you have your soffits reinforced with mesh, anywhere they are vulnerable to squirrels. Ask the technician you hire to exclude the soffits above your downspouts and anywhere a squirrel could stand while chewing its way through. You may also want to cover your roof vents and chimneys and fix other openings in the roof, like gaps between the soffits and the walls of the home.

The professionals at Exterminator Hamilton have lots of experience in dealing with squirrels. No matter how hard it is to reach the nest, we can take care of it. Our team members are trained and certified in climbing roofs safely and removing squirrels without harm. We remove wildlife humanely. To ensure that they don’t come back, we offer guaranteed exclusion services that keep animals out. We are so sure of this service that it comes with a 2-year warranty. Contact us for humane squirrel removal services in Hamilton.