How to Get Rid of Raccons in Your Attic

How to Get Rid of Raccoons in Your Attic

Are you hearing noises in the attic at night? Are little bandits coming to visit your property? There may be raccoons living in your attic. Raccoons love attics because they are safe and warm with close proximity to food. To raccoons, attics are just like big, hollow trees. They get inside by finding vulnerabilities on the roof, then break their way in. If there are raccoons giving you trouble, give us a call. We provide humane and affordable raccoon removal services in Hamilton. A technician will come to inspect your property, remove the raccoons, then prevent them from coming back.

Hearing noises in the attic may be the most common sign of an animal invasion. Pay attention to the time of day in which you hear them – raccoons are noisiest at night, whereas squirrels are noisy at sunrise and sunset. Raccoons are also heavy, so they might sound like a person walking or shuffling their feet. You might also hear them chatter or make trilling sounds. Another sign of an invasion is the presence of raccoon feces. Raccoons leave large piles of feces near their dens, in attics and on rooftops. These may produce a noticeable smell near the entrance to the attic.

The safest and most reliable way to get rid of raccoons is to use a one-way door. A one-way door is like an open-ended trap or a pet door that only swings outward. Wildlife technicians install these onto the entrance to the den, then give the raccoons a few weeks to exit. Raccoons simply push their way out, then they cannot get back inside. Once out, the door is replaced with a raccoon-proof material. If there are babies in the den, technicians remove them by hand, then place them in a box, where the mother raccoon will get them.

Raccoons that were recently evicted from their attic dens will often try to come back by other means. For example, if a raccoon got into the roof via a torn roof vent, the animal may tear off another vent to get back into the attic. It is therefore important that you have the entirety of your roof excluded to ensure that the animals don’t come back. Wildlife removal companies usually offer this service in addition to raccoon removal. Hire a local wildlife removal company for help and ask them for a comprehensive roof exclusion service.

Reach out to us if you are facing a raccoon problem in the attic. Trapping these animals is neither effective nor humane. Attempting to get rid of raccoons may also result in injury or contact with contaminated materials. It is best that you contact a professional for help. We offer humane raccoon removal, exclusion, and disinfection services that have lasting results. No matter how difficult it is to reach the attic or the roof above, we have got you covered. Call us today to book an inspection or if you have any questions at all. We are here to help.