How do professional pest control exterminators kill bedbugs?

How do professional pest control exterminators kill bedbugs?

Approved Insecticide

Professional bed bug exterminators use approved pesticides to flush, dust, spray and vacuum your residential or commercial area, in effect killing the bugs while maintaining the safety of your guests, pets, and family.

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Green Steam Treatment

With most of Ontario’s extermination regulations designed to protect the environment, you can’t be assured that this is one of the best options out there. The method is 100% eco-friendly. The option mixes steam with proven, custom-blended, eco-friendly product mix designed to eliminate bed bugs without harming the environment. The option helps you eliminate the bed bug infestation issue without leaving ecological footprints.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment uses specially designed equipment to raise the temperature in your home to about 50 degrees Celsius to rid bed bugs without having to use any chemicals. This method kills bed bus quickly and efficiently even in hideouts. The heat treatment option is often used to treat bedbug infestation in schools and hospitals where the use of chemicals is strictly forbidden. But even some residential clients prefer heat treatment as their best option seeing as it is very effective and less hazardous. Bed bug removal is often a multi-step, complex and lengthy process. It can take professional exterminator weeks and multiple treatments before he can claim the house is permanently bed-bug free. Avoiding or hesitating to contact an exterminator might make the issue harder to resolve by each passing day as bed bugs can lay up to 100 eggs in the life time.

The first step for the exterminator is to inspect your home thoroughly to find all the bugs, eggs and hiding places. The critter’s negligible height and small size mean hiding spots could be anywhere from under your wallpaper to inside appliances. Fortunately for the exterminator, he has a thorough knowledge of the insects’ habits and is able to sniff out all of the hiding places.

There is also the issue of pesticide resistance. Exterminators have exclusive access to insecticides with potent active ingredients that are not available to the general public. The expert may need to use multiple insecticides and a combination of methods. All the while he will track the progress to make sure that the extermination is going according to plan. The bed bugs cannot hide from an exterminator’s powerful tools. The equipment can project chemicals deep into cervices, cracks and gaps to find and kill all the bugs.