Do rodents such as mice stay away if you have a cat

Do rodents such as mice stay away if you have a cat?

Through the influence of media such as cartoons, movies, and other depictions in popular culture we have learned to associate that cats chase mice. While this is true in reality that many cats bring home dead mice, it is heavily dependent on the kind of cat you have. Even if you have a cat, this might not necessarily be a deterrent for mice. Some cats are just, in nice terms, ‘pretty idle’. They are just not made for hunting while they do still have the instincts, they prefer to relax, sleep, and eat. Therefore having a cat might necessarily be beneficial for you depending on many factors. Even if the cat was a real hunter, mice can breed and multiply at a very fast rate, faster than a cat ever can keep up with them. They might on some occasions bring the problem home by presenting you a live gift, When you have the honor of accepting gifts from your feline comrade, expect it to be very much alive. This can cause other issues such as a mouse escaping and hiding inside your home and you need professional mouse control Hamilton service

In conclusion, cats make up great companions, but they are not necessarily great hunters as to how active they are is dependent from cat to cat. There are even some instances where cats are known to make friends with mice and play fight with them. Kittens might just be curious and might get startled.

The best way to temporarily alleviate the issue is by purchasing mouse traps, tidying up the home, and storing away food. Vacuuming your home regularly is also a great way to assure that mice stay away from crumbs and such. Mice need very little in order to survive and crumbs on the floor might be just that meal that the mouse or mice need to pass just another day at your home. 

While these methods might be great to get rid of the mouse presence temporarily, it is not a permanent solution. To get rid of mice permanently, you need to hire a reputable mouse control service based in the Hamilton Area such as Exterminator Hamilton. We employ experienced and licensed technicians with years of experience that have the right tools and formulations to get rid of your mouse issue definitively. If you want to get rid of your pests, give us a call!