Can I use a steam cleaner to kill bed bugs?

Can I use a steam cleaner to kill bed bugs?

Using high temperatures on bed bugs can be a very effective method of getting rid of them. Although very effective, they can be quite an investment to rent for a day. Carpet cleaners do not reach that same amount of temperature that steam cleaners use effectively for killing bed bugs. Steam cleaners might be very effective when they find themselves on surface areas such as carpets or floors. The important thing to remember is that most bed bugs reside in the seams of mattresses and cannot be considered an effective way of combating bed bugs unless you have a special nozzle. To use a steamer keep the following in mind. 

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When you do use it make sure that the surface reaches a range of at least 160º-180ºF if it goes underneath this the bed bugs may survive. You have to make sure that the temperature does not reach high enough to damage the fabric. To make sure you reach the right temperature you might have to use an infrared thermometer. Common hiding places might be couches, beddings, mattresses, luggage pieces, and clothes. In regards to clean, they need to have a separate cleaning regimen to get rid of the bed bugs. 

After you finish you need air to circulate and air the room that will help dry the items you used the steam cleaner on. After finishing with the steam cleaner make sure that you read the manual on what to do to properly cool it down and to release pressure.

Handling a steamer comes with a lot of responsibility and precautions that must be taken before handling it. 

  • Make sure you understand the instructions and how to handle it properly
  • The steam is always under pressure so be careful when refilling it
  • The steam will be scalding hot and can result in serious burns. Make sure to test the steamer out on an untreated area.
  • Make sure to direct the steam away from yourself always
  • Steamers can spit out hot water. To protect yourself always use a towel and point the wand at the towel to capture the hot water. 
  • Do not use a pin-point nozzle. Make sure you use a nozzle that distributes the steam. The pinpoint nozzle can maybe blow away the steam

Using a steamer can come with a lot of risks and dangers that you do not want to expose yourself to. Therefore you should hire a professional reputable bed bug control service such as The Exterminators Inc.