bed bug hiding

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide

Bedbugs are the nastiest pests you can have around the house, and while their blood-sucking habits are enough to gross you out, their adamant life cycle and ability to hide in places you just cannot reach makes things even more difficult.

When it comes to hiding places, bedbugs sure have plenty of places to choose from, and their shape and size make it easier for them too.

Even an adult bedbug, when it hasn’t filled its stomach with human blood, measures only between 5 to 9 millimetres, thus making it extremely easy for them to hide from human eyes. Moreover, when they haven’t been fed, they are flat in shape, thus making it all the easier for them to squeeze into spaces you would think to be too small for even a tiny insect.

At home, bedbugs’ favourite hiding places lay close to their feeding arena. So if they have found out that the couch is where you and your family spend a lot of time, they will make themselves a home that lies close to the place where they intend to feed. The corners of couches, the space between the cushions, and even the place under them could prove to be great hiding places.

A bed offers even more room to feed as well as hide. The space in the corners of the mattress, tiny crevices in the bed, and any other space they can find is home for these nasty insects.

Apart from your home or workplace, bedbugs don’t mind travelling on the job either! Cars, buses, trains and on rare occasions, even unkempt planes can be home to bedbugs, and we all know how many hiding places these pests can find in vehicles!

Therefore, when it comes to hiding places, bedbugs sure have plenty of places to choose from, professional bed bugs exterminator can help you to remove bed bugs from your ho!