What infestation are you more unlikely to find in toronto, rats or mice?

What infestation are you more unlikely to find in Hamilton, rats or mice?

Hamilton is a rodent filled city. There are so many its not even funny. Like new york we are famous for it. Our streets run grey with rodents. 

As a person who has worked in the extermination business I can tell you neither are more or less common. They are both frequent and dangerous infestations that will harm your house and make your family sick. The question isnt “which is more frequent” but “how do I get rid of them?”

It is best to contact Rat Control Hamilton in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home rat-free as soon as possible!

We at The Exterminators Inc. Can help you!

We can send a skilled technician to your home. First the technician does an external inspection of the house for possible entry points. Usually the mice get in through a back door left open or through the garage. If any holes are found that a mouse could fit through, we will notice and give you a quote for the full repair. 

After that, the technician will enter the unit and perform an involved and careful inspection of the home or apartment. They use a large number of techniques to find the point of highest activity in order to guarentee the most effective extermination possible. 

When they find the point of highest activity the technician will set down tamper proof, locked bait traps containing commercial rodenticide. The mice will feed on the Rodenticide and shortly meet their end through severe dehydration.   

Rats on the other hand are more effected by snap traps. Now if rats are inside, its guaranteed that they are also outside. So, while the technician does his external inspection of the property, he will also be inspecting the property for signs of external rat infestation, chewed plastic garbage bins and holes in the ground are a big sign. The technician will install multiple Large, tamper proof, locked and weighted bait stations containing commercial grade Rodenticide.