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Jan, Hamilton

I have a big old tree in my backyard, well actually the branches hang over I guess and I noticed a wasp nest. I was afraid that it was gonna fall at some point as it was kinda gusty at times….. You guys came 2 days after and got the wasp nest removed!

Dylan, Hamilton

I have a shed that I often use to work on my projects and I kept hearing this strange noise. I kept ignoring it for quite some time until I saw a couple of them like flying around in my shed. Went outside and there was a wasp nest attached to where the roof and View Full →

Sonia, Caledonia

Had some wasps close to my deck. I called them and they were able to schedule me on the same day when I called them in the morning. Very nice fast service couldn’t ask for more.

Debby, Lincoln

 I saw some wasps buzzing around when I went outside and I couldn’t figure out  where they were all coming from. It was driving me nuts. I looked it up and a website told me that I might have wasps somewhere. I look up some companies and read the reviews and gave a call. crew View Full →

Robert, Hamilton

Already had a hunch that I was dealing with mice. I even saw one scurrying away and bought some mouse bait. It proved to be effective at first, but then saw a bunch of dead mice around my property. I was hesitant at first because of the price, but now looking back at it, it View Full →

Sara, Caledonia

Went downstairs the other night and I hear a light thumping coming from the kitchen cabinets, but couldn’t find anything after opening them. I told my mom about it and I started for an exterminator. Customer service was really understanding and sent out one of your exterminators. He inspected the whole house inside and outside View Full →

Nazinin, Hamilton

My dad told me he saw a mouse in the basement. Turned out to be a enormous rat. I have no idea how it got in there but after doing some googling I found you guys. The exterminator was incredibly helpful and friendly. He told us that we were actually actually dealing with an infestation View Full →

Keith, Hamilton

I recently moved into a new apartment and was moving my stuff from my parents house. When I picked up a box I thought I saw a mouse but way bigger. I realized I was dealing with a gross enormous rat. I tried to make it go outside but I guess I scared him away. View Full →

Madison, Hamilton

I was cleaning out the attic the other day when I heard some faint rustling behind a wall. First I thought it might be a squirrel since it’s pretty common around here, but then I see a flood of rats scurrying away. I was disgusted and immediately went downstairs. I was shivering. I told me View Full →

Patrick, Hamilton

Last thing you would want to see on your friday night is a rat running away as soon as you enter the garage. I was just horrified and could hear it gnaw away in the dark later that night. I decided to look up a rat service and stumbled on Exterminator Hamilton. I was completely View Full →