Is It Possible to Hear Carpenter Ants Chewing a Wall

Is It Possible to Hear Carpenter Ants Chewing a Wall?

Carpenter ants are perhaps one of the most industrious insect species on earth. Odd stories frequently emerge throughout Canada of weird noises emitting from walls during the wee hours of the morning. These noises can be so loud that homeowners are frequently awakened by the crinkling-like sounds. The noises being made are not necessarily a noise that comes exclusively from the ants themselves, but rather, the sound of wood and quick stampeding of the ants moving around. Carpenter ants do not eat wood; the wood is being demolished by the ants to make tunnels to expand their growing colony. If you have appliances running through the night, it will likely not be possible to hear the ants. Professional service performed by an exterminator in Hamilton can resolve ant problems. Dead silence will almost certainly allow you to hear the shredding and foraging inside of the walls. This noise can become more pronounced if you choose to place your ear on the wall, upon which you can then hear the ants doing their work.

Carpenter ants are a mostly nocturnal species of insect. This may have to do with choosing to do their work during the time of day when people and possible predators are asleep, and the work can then go undetected. The sounds you are hearing are indeed pretty alarming, as this means that the interior wood of your walls is literally being devoured second-by-second. It is very important to immediately contact a pest control professional if you hear these noises emitting from the walls. Even if you cannot see the ants, this noise is likely a clear sign that carpenter ants have infested the interior of your home. There is a remote possibility that these could be termites; however, termites are a bit softer in their approach than the more steadfast and fast-moving carpenter ant.

Once these distinctive, shredding-like noises are heard, contact an exterminator immediately. Removal of carpenter ants should always be done by a pest control professional. This ant species multiplies rapidly and much like termites, a colony can increase rapidly once the ants gain a foothold inside of a wooden structure. It will also require a certain skill set to penetrate deep within a structure to ensure that any chemical used is coating the entire ant colony and not just a few stray carpenter ants.

Professionals will typically utilize chemicals with a powerful residual compound that both kills carpenter ants on impact and coats the poison to the wooden structure to ensure the killing process over a long period of time. Although the sounds are alarming and unique, the destruction being caused to your walls is quite severe. You may also want to ensure that a professional checks the attic as well since this is also a very popular place for carpenter ant activity. Once a colony becomes large, carpenter ants will venture into other parts of the home and start new colonies. Be sure to invest in regular pest control as well to keep them away.