How carpenter ants build nests

How to Deal with Carpenter Ants in Your House

Once carpenter ants get a foothold inside of your home, it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of them. This species of ant is very industrious and versatile and will embed themselves deep into a wooden structure to avoid detection. This is a common problem for homeowners in Hamilton, which means there is a high amount of professional services available to remove them from your home. It should be known that carpenter ants do not in fact eat wood; they only nest inside of it. The damage comes from the ants excavating through the wood to build interior tunnels inside of the wood to house their colony and reliable ant extermination Hamilton is needed.

The ants are frequently seen inside of homes when they are on the move foraging for food or water. Since it can be hard to differentiate carpenter ants from other types of ants, you will want to know what the warning signs to look out for are. Any noticeable holes around wood structures are a sign of possible carpenter ants, as is the presence of a sawdust-like material known as frass. It can become confusing however, since both termites and carpenter ants possess both of these traits. Carpenter ants are likely to be seen much more than actually seeing termites, since termites both live inside of and eat the wood, they are present in.

Removal of carpenter ants should always be done by a pest control professional. This ant species multiplies rapidly and much like termites, a colony can increase rapidly once the ants gain a foothold inside of a wooden structure. It will also require a certain skill set to penetrate deep within a structure to ensure that any chemical used is coating the entire ant colony and not just a few stray carpenter ants. Professionals will typically utilize chemicals with a powerful residual compound that both kills carpenter ants on impact and coats the poison to the wooden structure to ensure the killing process over a long period of time.

Until a professional can come and inspect the home, measures to deal with the active ants within the home should be concentrated on repelling as many ants as you can from exiting the colony. A mixture of vinegar and water inside of a spray bottle is a trusted method to repel carpenter ants; however, it will take much more powerful chemicals to actually kill them, let alone an entire colony.

Carpenter ants are becoming an increasingly rampant problem for homeowners in Canada. This species of ant can destroy wood inside of the home and can live for long periods of time if the situation is not dealt with in a timely manner. Since getting rid of carpenter ants is incredibly difficult, measures should only be taken to repel them from the wider home as much as possible. Eradication methods undertaken by pest control Hamilton professionals will ensure that the ants are completely removed from the home and preventative measures will keep them out.