how to avoid bed bug bites

How to Avoid Bed Bug Bites?

To avoid bed bug bites is to prevent bed bugs altogether. Dealing with bed bugs can be a very traumatic experience and frankly can be very frustrating. When you wake up with a feeling of being itchy all the time it can bog down your mood for the rest of the day, especially when it itches. To make sure that bed bugs have no chance of spreading or even entering it is advised that a person makes sure that an item is free of bed bugs during a trip and after a trip. or when you have come from an infested place. Make sure that your luggage pieces are in an elevated place to make sure that bed bugs do not have a chance of entering the luggage. Make sure that that second-hand furniture is also not infested because bed bugs have a special liking to isolated and dark places. Call professional bed bug exterminator Hamilton immediately when you notice the first signs of bed bugs.

Another way is to wash your sheets regularly to reduce the possibility to have bed bugs infesting your sheets. When you are doing this make sure that your sheets are washed at a very high temperature because bed bugs cannot stand the temperature. 

Also when you think that you are dealing with bed bugs make sure that the spaces inside your home or apartment are clutter-free. When you have a lot of clutter lying around or when you tend to hoard items this can increase the chance of bed bugs finding a better place to hide. 

If you have items and if it happens to be nice weather outside you can try doing a DIY heat treatment by putting the items in a black plastic bag and letting it absorb the heat. Bed bugs can die when their temperature reaches 45ºC. To make sure that you kill the bed bugs the room or container must be higher than the temperature that keeps them alive.

One of the most important pieces of advice to reduce the number of bed bug bites is to vacuum your house or apartment, Make sure to vacuum rugs, floors, upholstery bed frames cracks, under beds, and under carpets. Make sure to change your bags every time so that the bed bugs cannot escape. 

When you really want permanent results it is always best to contact the professionals from Exterminator Hamilton for an affordable bed bug treatment done by licensed professionals.