How Do Roof Rats Get In Attic

How Do Roof Rats Get In Attic?

When it comes to the notion of rats being able to climb, there is no better answer to look to than the roof rat. This species of rat is infamous throughout history as it is believed that this was the species that frequently boarded ships in the Middle Ages, spreading the Bubonic Plague throughout Europe. This species is known as the roof rat due to the rat’s affinity for residing in attics and even on rooftops. Attics and roofs are somewhat peaceful places for rats to live. To deal with hard-to-reach places, the best way is to hire a rat extermination service in Hamilton. There is very little human activity and predators are few and far between at such great heights. These rats are also very industrious and can eat a wide variety of substances to keep them sustained. Roof rats can also prove to be problem pests for exterminators as well due to the heights involved inadequately treating this pest.

Roof rats typically find their way into attics from a combination of climbing and leaping. This species of rat can leap between 36-48 inches and have an excellent balance which they derive from their tails. Professional pest control companies have a number of tools within their arsenal to eliminate roof rats completely from an attic. A combination of bait traps and even some poisons may be used since the attic is a fairly abandoned part of the overall property. If the rats are indeed on the roof, traps will likely be the most widely utilized method to handle roof rats at these high distances. It is important to eliminate roof rats to avoid damage to the upper part of your home including shingles, siding, and event electrical supplies and vents.

Roof rats are becoming an increasing problem in nearly all Canadian provinces, which means pest control technicians are frequently testing and adapting new methodologies to add to their arsenal to meet the increasing rodent populations. With a pest control service, elimination is guaranteed, whereas home remedies and over-the-counter products come with no such guarantees, which can also present added dangers when treating roof rats due to the heights involved in trying to eliminate these pests. This species can also jump and leap, which means that the rats may also decide to utilize these techniques if they feel threatened or cornered in.

Roof rats are an incredibly complex and intuitive pest species that evolves regularly to avoid common control measures weaponized against them. It can be a minefield of disappointment and wasted resources to attempt to take on a roof rat infestation on your own. Pest control professionals are available to diagnose the severity of the problem and then formulate a plan to eradicate every rat within a dwelling. The attic can present a whole host of possible hiding places for rats and this species can become quite aggressive when threatened. Do not procrastinate. Consult a pest control professional for roof rat elimination immediately. Never attempt to treat this volatile species on your own due to the heights involved.