Cockroach Eggs - What Do Cockroach Eggs Look Like and What to Do About Them

Cockroach Eggs – What Do Cockroach Eggs Look Like and What to Do About Them

Female cockroach eggs are produced as egg cases, also known as Ootheca. The cockroach egg (Ootheca) contain many eggs that are wrapped by a protein substance that will harden into a protective casing with time . Some species of cockroaches are known to drop the casing, while other species will carry the eggs until they are ready to hatch. Contacting your local Hamilton pest control service can prevent you from a massive infestation.

Cockroach egg cases are dark brown in color and average 8mm in length. One female cockroach can  produce up to an average of  90 oothecae in its lifespan. The American Cockroach is known to carry its Ootheca for a few hours to days, after it deposits the case in a safe secluded area usually near a food source. There are several methods to go about avoiding having cockroach offspring in your house, but the best way to proceed is to always contact a professional pest control service. Underneath you will find the methods.

Crush them: you can crush them using a heavy object. Make sure to clean the scene before roaches will come out looking for their next meal.

Burn them: You can simply burn them, but be advised burning comes with another host of unwanted consequences such as dealing with the stench that ootheca give off.

Pouring boric acid: pouring boric acid ensures the ootheca are simply killed by making sure the solution covers the entire ootheca.

Spray them with pesticides: Commercial grade potent pesticides will work on cockroach eggs and will kill the babies as they hatch out.

Exterminator: the most time saving way to get rid of the entire roach presence, ootheca, and even an entire colony. Exterminators know exactly what to look for when dealing with a roach problem considering how much time and money it can save you from doing it yourself.

Finding cockroach eggs is a sign that you have an infestation. Organisms tend to breed when conditions are right, meaning the cockroaches in your home are more than happy being there. While squashing, burning, or pouring solutions may be a temporary satisfying fix, to really get to the core of the problem and eliminating them hiring an exterminator is the best way to go about it.