can carpenter ants destroy treated wood

Can carpenter ants destroy treated wood?

There are a lot of insects that like wood, some just want to imitate it like the twig bug, and some want to live in it, like carpenter ants, some like termites are drawn to wood because it is food for them. Either way, carpenter ants are a frustrating infestation that can damage and reduce the value of your home and even ruin your furniture. As I said before, carpenter ants do not eat wood, they just drill through it as can be seen by the tiny piles of powdered wood under the holes they create. They create these nests for survival to breed and to store food and the queen’s eggs.

It is best to contact professional carpenter ant exterminator Hamilton in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible!

Carpenter ants are very good at what they do, drilling through wood. They are so skilled that they can even drill through treated wood that would kill a termite. This is because they don’t eat the wood, they just drill through it so none of the toxicity of the wood can make them ill. It’s very handy for them, and a nightmare for us. I know you were so excited to get that amazing new pressure-treated wooden deck installed. It was gonna make your summer, you thought it was invincible, to the elements, to insects, totally impervious. But its not, those carpenter ants can easily penetrate your beautiful new deck and they can ruin it too. 

So if you have carpenter ants in your home you will need to either hire a professional or get hold of some Boric acid and a spray bottle cause these ants ain’t going anywhere on their own. Cedar oil and silicon can also work wonders at suffocating and ripping apart the carapaces of many insects. That is a common method used by professionals, to spray a silica mix on the walls and baseboards that will dry and create tiny spikes that rip through ants bodies and kill them instantly.