Can carpenter ants destroy drywall

Can carpenter ants destroy drywall

Carpenter ants prefer to stick to wood but entering and exiting a wall requires that they drill through dry wall. Sometimes carpenter ants while even build part of their nest in dry wall or cave through it make an entrance to the colony.

It is best to contact professional carpenter ant exterminator Hamilton in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible!

Carpenter ants prefer to make their nests in damp places where the wood is softer and they have access to water. While they aren’t as destructive as termites they can cause a house to be very hard to live in and they can even damage furniture so much that it could break when you try to use it, like a dining room chair that has been infested. 

Carpenter ants tend to start their primary colony outside in some damp or rotting wood, they then grow to maturity and produce wing ants that breed and produce a number of new queens who leave to start their own colonies. This is the most common way for a carpenter ant infestation to start in your home. 

To prevent destruction from carpenter ants you will need to act fast. Get rid of any wood on your property and don’t take it inside. Drying it out does nothing to kill the ants so just get rid of it. You can also find places in the house with tiny holes and piles of very fine sawdust that signify an entrance to their colony. You can get rid of the ants by spraying boric acid, Diatomaceous Earth, or cedar oil on the area and that will kill any ant who exits the colony or enters it at that point. If you can find them all you can get rid of them but it is very difficult and may call for a professional to come in a make use of commercial grade tools and insecticides. Either way, if you have carpenter ants you have a problem and you need to get it taken care of as soon as possible.